Saturday, 21 April 2012

Citizens of the world must unite

Citizens of the world must unite and stop their governments and leaders from waging war with each other, the people do not want the evil of war, the people must collectively arrest their evil leaders who defile life and humanity, this is the only way forward to peace and the protection of the children and the World.
Chris Coverdale is an expert in the Laws of war, this video is documentation of his submission of evidence to the High Court and the solicitors of the government.
The evidence lists in detail the UK governments direct involvement in breaking International laws, crimes against peace and crimes of genocide. Please get on your feet, out on the street and take your ears along to the case this Friday the 27th April, at the high Court in the Strand, London. 10am.
As yet the court number of the case is not yet know, you may have to ask at the front desk. Thanks for your interest, please share this event with your friends in London who you think may come along

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